Run a Bun server on Plesk with Docker

Bun is an all-in-one JavaScript runtime & toolkit designed for speed, complete with a bundler, test runner, and Node.js-compatible package manager. You might have heard the hype – it promotes itself as a much faster replacement for Node and Yarn and with a quick test, bun install took 9 seconds vs npm install‘s 68 seconds. Quite impressive! Let’s see… read more

The Next Level-Up for ChatGPT Integration

Almost everyone seems to have integrated ChatGPT into their platforms, but it’s often just another way to generate text. I believe the real benefit from AI API’s will come from integrating it into the user flow allowing for automated, contextually aware actions. A user could ask the AI to do something outside of just editing… read more

Effective prompts for ChatGPT

Save time prompting ChatGPT by spending a bit more time upfront writing a comprehensive prompt to help it understand what you need. These are my โœจ 3 Top Tips โœจ 1. Provide context Paste in other parts of your code that are relevant and explain why you need an answer – “What problem am I… read more