While browsing artwork on Itch.io for game inspiration I thought to myself, “I’ve got game dev + blockchain skills – why not mix them together?”

I decided to see if I could get something basic working, and in late 2021 prototyped how to integrate NFTs into HTML5 games.

After posting about it I was contacted through LinkedIn and offered a contract to build Web3 games which I accepted for a year (Genzee Grab + Chunkie Run). During this time I expanded my skillset, saw how crypto communities were a new audience hungry for projects, and came up with game ideas of my own.

Sometime later, while again browsing itch.io I found a set of sprites that resonated with me – pixel artwork and medieval characters! The layout even suggested a strategy-type game which I’ve enjoyed playing but hardly attempted building.

Thus, the idea for Knight’s Kingdom was born. This was the opportunity to build my very own blockchain game!

Immediately I knew a few key points would shape the direction of this project:

No rug-pulling

My introduction to crypto involved learning (the hard way) that some people don’t want to follow through on their ideas and straight up steal money from people. That’s not how I roll.

Project with Value

Games like Axie Infinity built up an economy where single players could earn money from the game, although as a recent TIME article commented about Axie “its economic structure was unsustainable: the value of SLP necessitated new players continually buying in, much like a Ponzi scheme”. My project wasn’t going to be dependent on a token, or new players entering the game.

Accessible Game 

I like building for the web since it’s available for desktop and mobile immediately, without all the hassle of deploying to Apple and Android app stores, so an HTML5 game it is.

Community Involvement

I want to have my own community group (either through Discord or something else) as seeing people interact with something I’ve built, and better yet enjoying it, is very rewarding and I enjoy showing others the development process and incorporating their ideas.

The structure I decided on for Knights’ Kingdom is as follows:

I’m keen to hear any comments or questions you have about this game idea.

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