After spending time developing in the crypto space this is what I’d recommend for others wanting to get into it:

  1. Learn about smart contracts and the Solidity programming language.
  2. Create websites to interact with your contracts.
  3. Look at job applications to see what skills/tools companies are after.

Smart Contracts

Read through the docs/whitepaper for Bitcoin and Ethereum to understand the blockchain concept, and how smart contracts work.

Tools & Libraries

Create Projects

The best way to learn in software is by coding your own projects!

Learning resources


After deploying a smart contract, it’s good to learn how to build a website (or decentralised app, dApp) for users to interact with it.

Ethers.js is a popular Javascript library to make blockchain calls. Use it to bring up a Metamask prompt to interact with a contract.

Check out tools like The Graph or Moralis to search historical contract transactions.

You don’t need to learn a JS framework like React or Svelte, but if you do you can leverage templates others have made like this Svelte Ethers template. Browsing GitHub projects can be a good way to learn how others structure their projects.

Extra Tips

Keep up-to-date with blockchain news. Tools, libraries and standards are constantly being updated so it’s good to stay on top of the major announcements.

See if there’s any crypto meetups in your area, you may find someone happy to teach you (or offer you a job!)

I hope this makes you aware of different areas to look into. Let me know below if you have any extra tips to share and all the best for your crypto journey!


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