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How to get into the blockchain industry

Here are some pointers about what to learn when developing for the blockchain.

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WordPress: Show Page Slug in Admin

In my WordPress work clients often refer to pages by their name, which doesn't always match up to the slug. If they have a lot of pages it can be hard to find.

To solve this, I developed a handy plugin that displays the page permalink directly in the admin's pages screen..

My Games

Genzee Grab

A recreation of the classic claw-game arcade machine, this HTML5 game is integrated with Metamask and can connect to a prize database to reward the player with tokens, NFTs and other special items.

Knights' Kingdom

Knights’ Kingdom is a turn-based strategy game for the Polygon Blockchain, currently under development.

Melon Mash

Melon Mash is a fun Android+iOS puzzle game inspired by the wooden block games, a bright satisfying experience for players who want to enjoy some zen.

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